We connect entrepreneurial people with meaningful initiatives

We believe that everyone wants to contribute, but doesn't always know how. The Present ensures that your expertise is put to the best of use by matching you with a fitting initiative and project. That way you can do what you're good at, and they can continue to do what they're good at!

A network of entrepreneurial people

All of our initiatives are committed to tackling social challenges and supporting people who need it most, in their own way.

And you can support their work.

How we work

We connect enterprising people to initiatives that contribute to a more inclusive society. There is a tailor-made match for everyone; for the entrepreneur without time, the accountant, the photographer, the graphic designer, the lawyer, the IT expert - sign up and we will ensure that you can use your expertise where it is most needed.

150+Present Movers
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The Present in short

The Present Movement
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