Meetup #11: Keep your eye on the ball

Nynke Geus - Van den Broek

Klabu’s (‘club’ in Swahili) founder, Jan van Hövell, enters the pitch. Trained and coached by Great Communicators and Fleur Schiffelers, he tells us about their community-led sports club in a Kenyan refugee camp. The mission: more happiness, health and peace!

But then Jan reminds us of the urgency of the situation: the average amount of time spent in a refugee camp is seventeen years.

So, it is essential that everyone, children, teenagers and adults, in the refugee camps has access to sport facilities. On a regular basis. So in 2019 the first Klabu-club was founded in the Kalobeyei refugee camp, or settlement as they are called today, in Kenya.

To instil a sense of agency and responsibility, Klabu facilitated a loan system for sports gear in the settlement. You pay a deposit for the clothes and material, to ensure everyone takes good care of the materials and returns them. The system, set up in cooperation with locals, works. So does the brand-new sports club house. It has become a community. Does that mean Klabu’s job is finished here? Quite the opposite; Klabu is not done yet. They plan to introduced their successful loan system for sports in other countries. Not just in refugee camps or settlements, but also in deprived neighbourhoods and favelas.

Then there is the half-time whistle. But that doesn’t mean a break… The audience is put to work in their groups to answer the question how Klabu can make their subscription more valuable and attractive. The teams can get started.

After ‘break’ half time each team presents their idea. Every presentation has great elements and ideas that can help Klabu. After jury deliberation – the VAR won’t be needed today – Team Brown is chosen as the winner. As regards to Klabu, it’s onto the next match and victory.

Photos: Eyas H.Matouk & Michiel Stock. Film: Jona Rhebok. Text: Kasper Meijs. Catering: Majd.

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