Meetup #16: A home in Utrecht

This organisation, founded by Joset van der Hoeven, focuses on Eritrean newcomers in Utrecht. Through organising coffee evenings, cultural events and other activities, Mexaena ensure that people can build a new personal and professional network in Utrecht, and can feel at home in their new city.

But Mexaena also needs help. With a small team, the current work is too much and because of changing needs within the community there is need for a new structure, new form of impact and new partnerships.

Luckily everyone present was full of questions and ideas, and it even led to a potential collaboration with Forward Incubator straight away!

Deze stichting, opgericht door Joset van der Hoeven, richt zich speciaal op Eritrese nieuwkomers in Utrecht. Door middel van koffieavonden, culturele uitjes en andere activiteiten zorgt Mexaenaervoor dat mensen een nieuw netwerk opbouwen in Utrecht en zich ook echt thuis gaan voelen in hun nieuwe woonplaats.

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