Meetup #24: PitZtop

This time PitZtop took the stage. This initiative focuses both on offering a safe place to live and work for newcomers as well as supporting people when trying to find a job. Because as we all know, most jobs are found through connections. And if you are new in the country and don’t speak Dutch or English, these connections can be quite difficult to make.

PitZtop also sometimes encounters some hesitancy with employers when asking them to hire newcomers. Their question to the audience this night therefore was: how can we make it easier for companies to hire newcomers?

Our audience of entrepreneurs consisted of many different types this evening: hospitality experts, from IT companies, many from the cultural and social sector. This quite fitted the location - The Grey Space in the Middle; a breeding ground for new innovative and cultural projects.

This night we had four teams: Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. Each presented a very different range of ideas: the reversed job bank, newcomers as consultants,  a different approach to the flexmarket: each group came up with ideas from their own background and experience. 

But of course, there can only be one winner. The winning idea was the most complete, and incorporated ‘Heart, Head and Hands’: Team Green!

Congratulations to the team and of course a big thankyou to PitZtop for sharing their mission. Would you like to get in touch with PitZtop? Send us an email at!

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