Meetup #5: Its better in the back yard

With birds dropping dead in the heat and terraces calling out with cold beers, it is extra special to see another full room of Present Movers on the 15th of May during our 5th meetup. Lian Priemus and Anya Conkic of In My Back Yard (IMBY) took the stage to tell their story and a call for advice.

The past two years, thousands of permit holders have found of place in Amsterdam. They have a roof over their heads, are learning Dutch, doing internships, study or have found paid work. But getting in touch with the neighbours is often a different kind of challenge. At the same time there are loads of people in Amsterdam who would like to get to know these new residents… if only they knew where to look! And if it is manageable in terms of time – because all Dutch people are always busy, busy, busy…

IMBY facilitates events for thirteen communities throughout the city; dinners, trips and other social activities. And it works, as two newcomers who joined IMBY tell us. But how do you make sure people from Amsterdam get and remain involved, and how do you attract entrepreneurial people (read: people with no time)?

In small groups the audience started the brainstorm and the results were presented proudly in pitches. The winning group, led by Roby Hormis, was offered the prize: an invitation to an IMBY event and a Lots of Lesvos package!


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