Meetup #6: What you can learn from a three-month sleepover

Staying over at guest families is a good idea for many reasons. Because being in each other’s space is the best way to get to know a different culture. Director of Takecarebnb Berend Jonker told us about the foundation and proposed a question that the audience was invited to share their ideas about. Since its origin in 2015, Takecarebnb has place 133 status holders in guest families. In 2018, they want to make a 100 more matches. How can Takecarebnb scale up?

In a twenty-minute long nothing-is-wrong brainstorm full of post-its, pens, papers and eavesdropping 4 concrete plans were pitched. The idea to contact parents via schoolchildren and kids who are about to leave their houses (to avoid the empty-nest syndrome) made the biggest impact on Berend. But also the suggestion to find ambassadors within church communities. The winners all received a pair of Kings of Indigo socks.

Berend was very enthusiastic about the meetup: ‘The fact that TP brings together such an interesting network makes all the time you invest worth the while!. Also the training was very interesting, I now have a much better idea of how I should present myself’. After the meetup Takecarebnb had a follow up session at their office, where they realised they could skip a couple of steps in their strategies using the input from the meetup. Mission accomplished!

The only thing Berend regretted was coming alone: ‘I should have brought my whole team to help me network, because there were so many interesting people!” Berend did meet social entrepreneur Roger Oliveira, and they have already gone out for lunch to discuss ideas and future plans. We doubt that will be the end of it!

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