Meetup #7: Good, good, good, good vibrations

Not when Lucas Dols of Sounds of Change takes the stage. Sounds of Change uses music as a tool to heal the emotional wounds of war, stimulate creativity and stimulate compassionate communication. They do this through offering music classes in refugee camps and conflict areas to help traumatised children break down their emotional barriers.

Lucas’ inspiring and emotional story is strengthened by an interactive, musical intro. Those present are asked to pick up their coloured tubes: orange, yellow, red, blue…every colour is appointed a specific rhythm. Consequently, the brand-new musicians are allowed to play with and change the rhythm of their colour: get up and change the rhythm. The rest follows. Then Lucas gets out his double bass and lead the tube players along.

As the last notes die out, the audience is put to work and tries to answer the question: where and how Sounds of Change can sell their workshop to companies and corporates. Because a workshop like this is not only beneficial for children or people in conflict areas – it can help anyone. Because it is about courage, about being yourself, about listening to others, about taking the lead or learning to follow. Improvising. Teamwork. And most of all about having fun! So that you as an employer, manager, entrepreneur can help your team move. And, not unimportant, buying their workshop here finances Sounds of Change’ work abroad.

So we’re off into the brainstorm, with the inevitable post-its, pens, papers, delicious Syrian bites prepared by Majd & drinks. The winning pitch is presented by Marit Klooster, Nina Labro and Muriel Sival. The winners, aside from a small gift, also received a follow-up session with Lucas as a prize.

Lucas is super happy with the meetup. His very first PowerPointpresentation led to many positive responses. ‘What a great energy’, he says. And also for organiser of everything, Marnix Geus, he had a couple of things to say: ‘You’ve created something great with The Present. Very cool!’              

Photo’s: Eyas Matouk & Michiel Stock
Film: Jasper Hulleman
& Special thanks to BIT Students for sponsoring this meetup!

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