Ondernemen voor de Toekomst - Rotterdam

Ondernemen voor de Toekomst, or 'Entrepeneurship for the future', is a series of events hosted by The Present by and for social entrepreneurs. In this series we hope to explore a new narrative of entrepreneurship in which social and ecological thriveability become an integral part of business. We invite entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their role in society, introduce them to some of the best social enterprises in the field and connect like-minded people to grow our movement.

This edition Wesley dos Santos, Joany Muskiet and Fanny Koerts took the stage. Each completely different entrepreneurs with different backstories and approaches, but with a shared sense of responsibility for the world and knack for social entrepreneurship.

A big thanks to our team of volunteers; Lex Ouburg, Liane Fluit, Moya Lieffering and Anouk Hupkes for getting this show on the road, and to moderator Hendrik Nuyens for bringing energy to the floor.

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