Ondernemen voor de Toekomst - Utrecht

Ondernemen voor de Toekomst, or 'Entrepeneurship for the future', is a series of events hosted by The Present by and for social entrepreneurs. In this series we hope to explore a new narrative of entrepreneurship in which social and ecological thriveability become an integral part of business. We invite entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their role in society, introduce them to some of the best social enterprises in the field and connect like-minded people to grow our movement.

This day we invited Fleur Bakker (Refugee Company), Bartel Geleijnse (The Colour Kitchen) and Robert Junier (FC Utrecht) to inspire our audience with their social enterprises, moderated by Suzanne Ekel. Robert in turn invited us to his sanctuary; the home of FC Utrecht.

75+ entrepreneurs from Utrecht joined us for this event focused on social entrepreneurship. Not were they only invited to listen and get inspired - we also asked them for their input on how to make a difference in the world. 

Ghaeth Almaghoot translated the energy of the room into his wonderful music:

We are very thankful to all those present and looking to make a change in the world. We can't wait for the next edition in Rotterdam!

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