Child Houses

A little star in the dark

Child Houses' mission is to provide orphan children in conflict areas the opportunity to be part of a family. Their vision is to end the cycle of abuse, sexual violence, and military recruitment for orphan children living in conflict areas in Syria. 

Child Houses is a registered Dutch NGO that focuses on providing humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable orphan children living in conflict areas in Syria. Founded in November 2019, Child Houses is the product of two partner organizations: Happy Caravan and Connect by Music. Both organizations have been working the last 3 years in refugee camps in Greece to provide programs for children including informal education and psychosocial activities. Through this experience and working daily with the children, both organizations recognized the positive impact their programs were having and the children.

They are determined to continue this impact by providing the most vulnerable children living in conflict areas in Syria - orphans- with the opportunity to build a better future by providing: shelter and protection, education and psychological support, and ultimately placement in a loving family. 

Child Houses is our partner since 2020.