Taking a shower in a safe space

The ShowerPower house is open to welcome women and children from Tuesday till Sunday, and they receive about 25-30 women and children per day. More than 12.000 women and children have already taken a shower here!

The cozy old Greek house counts three bathrooms. It is a place with an intimate atmosphere where people can feel safe. Volunteers welcome the guests the way they would welcome their own friends at home. They look after the children while the mothers shower. They help where is needed, pour out hot tea or soup, play, listen, talk (sometimes with hands and feet) or sing. Then they bring the guests back to Moria and prepare the ShowerPower house for the next group.

ShowerPower is currently working hard to found a second bathhouse for women. ShowerPower would also love to provide hot showers to men and boys in a different bathhouse. The goal is to provide likewise facilitations on different locations in the future.

EuroRelief – an organisation that is active within camp Moria – hands out shower tickets on behalf of ShowerPower. This brings order and serenity when the ladies are picked up at the ShowerPower ‘bus stop’.

ShowerPower is our partner since 2018.