Het Tussenspel

Visual therapy for children in asylum seekers centres

Het Tussenspel (‘The Inbetween Game’) offers children relaxation, fun and a chance for personal growth – in the setting of a mobile ‘Therapy Bus’.

The Bus offers visual therapy to children staying in asylum seekers centres in the Netherlands. These children are going through long periods of insecurity and stress, leading to a whole range of physical and mental issues. These include concentration problems, pain, nightmares, heightened anxiety, disrupted connective skills and a lack of self-confidence. These issues hold children back in their social, emotional and cognitive development. Tussenspel helps children to rediscover ways to relax, enjoy things and explore their talents, leading to increased self-confidence and better social and cognitive development.

Rosalinde Willemse is the current director of Het Tussenspel. She has worked for years as an independent therapist at, amongst others, Praktijk RoZijn and Intermetzo.