Spark NGO

Stimulating entrepreneurship in conflict areas

Spark NGO creates pathways for young people, particularly women and refugees, to study, work and grow their ownbusiness in fragile communities. Spark works together with local partners to offer intern- and scholarships, SME coaching, business summer schools and a network of entrepreneurs to young people who are looking to start their own businesses. Through these services they provide opportunities for people who live in areas affected by climate change, conflict and displacement.

Spark has 14 local offices abroad, mainly in Africa and the Middle East.

One of their success stories, for example, is the Brarudi project. Brarudi is a beer brewery (mostly owned by Heineken) in Burundi. Spark set up a supply chain by bringing together and training hundreds of farmers to grow sorchum for the brewery. The supply chain now consists of farming, harvesting, and transport, and finances all the entrepreneurs involved.