Stichting Civic

Reshaping our integration system

Foundation Civic aims to provide evidence based suggestions for better integration strategies for newcomers in the Netherlands (and other EU Member States). The objectives of the foundation are:

a)    To collect social science and legal research on the outcomes of the current policy and

b)    To provide constructive suggestions for better integration policy, that is, policy that is measurably effective and fits within our constitutional state.

"For already too long the debate on integration has been guided by ideology and non-factual assumptions aimed at restricting immigration. The resulting policies haveproven to be counter productive, affecting newcomers and the wider society inharmful ways."

The current integration system fails to provide clear information and sufficient governmental support to newcomers. Therefore, many people face difficulties and delays with regards to their integration trajectories. Moreover, the resulting unjustified fines cause additional stress and negatively impact their well-being. The research reports from the National Ombudsman and the Dutch Court of Audit (Algemene Rekenkamer) are two among the multiple publications which pointed out problematic aspects like these. Inspired by growing scientific acknowledgment, a new Integration system is expected to be implemented in January 2020.

In the light ofthe current developments, Foundation Civic focuses on issues yet to be recognized and addressed by the Dutch government. Its recent points of focus include:

  • The need to reach out to and support ALL of the people who experience(d) problems due to the failed integration policy
  • The excluding and undemocratic effect of the proposed law about increasing the required level of Dutch for obtaining citizenship.
  • The need to respond to increased difficulties newcomers face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These issues are advocated for by the small and dedicated group of people that pursue the objectives of the Foundation. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, this team draws upon a broad range of experiences.