Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

The Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) has been working for 20 years in Afghanistan, providing a so-called Social Circus in several locations throughout the country. This social circus provides children who grow up in war zones an opportunity to heal trauma’s, receive education, be empowered and build strong social connections. Most of all it provides laughter; an essential remedy against war. 

In 2020, after receiving a lot of interest and donations from the Netherlands, the Dutch branch was founded by Thijs Broekkamp. This branch enlarges the network of MMCC, raises awareness, organizes activities both in the Netherlands and Afghanistan, holds fundraising campaigns to fund the projects in Afghanistan and organises lectures and exhibitions to provide information about the country and show a different side than the negative stereotypes as seen in the media.

They are very busy with expanding their reach and deploying their activities where they are most needed - for example refugee camps in Iraq. The main goal is to expand the reach of MMCC and make the organisation a global presence. 

The foundation works from the ground up, and always consults the local community for their projects. By putting a lot of time in creating good relationships they managed to achieve more progressive results in conservative regions. Fore example, they are very happy with a 40% attendance rate of girls. The foundation is also training Afghans to eventually lead the day to day activities of the centers themselves, thus focusing on self sustainability and empowerment. 

Besides the Social Circus, MMCC provides information in a playful manner about issues such as polio, landmines, drug abuse and recently, corona. For the slightly older generations they have collaborated with Fridays for Future in Kabul, after the worldwide movement started by Greta Thunberg of young people concerned about climate change.