Stichting Door

Creative development for rejected asylum seekers

Door is an organization that offers creative development to refugees living between national borders in the Netherlands. The asylum procedure can take a long time. Sometimes people are -temporarily- refused to continue their procedure for a residence permit for an indefinite period. For these refugees without a residence permit, who do live in the Netherlands, but actually live in a completely different dimension, we want to offer a creative workspace where they can develop and also learn to earn their money.

 We want to support them by offering them courses where they learn to develop, make and sell their own products. We have opportunities to offer courses in sewing, screen printing, photography and other handicrafts. In addition, courses in the field of branding, marketing and sales. So whether the refugees get their residence permit or not, whether they stay in the Netherlands, go back to their country of origin of emigrants to another country, they have the means to support themselves by making and selling products.