Not Just A Refugee

Humanitarian aid for refugees in and around Athens

Not Just a Refugee is a small team in Athens, Greece. We offer basic needs and holistic support to people on the run, focusing our efforts on adolescents and single mothers. 

We support a wide range of nationalities and socio-cultural backgrounds, including people from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Cameroon and Congo. 

In the safe spaces we create, beneficiaries have the opportunity to temporarily rest and reflect on their life situations. Through our local partnership network, members of our community gain access to legal, medical, and psychological services, as well as language courses and vocational trainings. 

We offer personal mentorship and coaching, through which beneficiaries are offered the chance to empower themselves and take steps towards their self-development. 

Since June 2020, we have arranged temporary housing sponsorships for 39 young men up until the age of twenty-five, 21 women (mostly single mothers), and 8 families. Additionally, we have handed out 500+ food vouchers to particularly vulnerable individuals and families in Athens with a migrant background. This is our way to support and connect with the wider community in Athens, and stay up to date with local developments. 

At Not Just a Refugee we strongly support equality of treatment and equality of opportunity for all, and welcome persons in need of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. We believe everyone deserves a chance to build a stable and autonomous livelihood.