LGBT Asylum Support

LGBT Asylum support contributes to the wellbeing of new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender asylum seekers

LGBT Asylum support contributes to the wellbeing of new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender asylum seekers. We are an independent organization and works exclusively with volunteers. We work closely with other LGBT groups and have contacts with refugee assistance organizations and Dutch authorities. 


LGBT Asylum Support is a Non-Government Organization. We support asylum seekers who are just in the Netherlands. We are a link between LGBT- men and -women and other Dutch organizations seeking to help asylum seekers. We work mainly in the North of the Netherlands. 


Among the group of asylum seekers is a small, vulnerable group who flee their country because of their sexual orientation. Their cultural and religious background and sometimes very traumatic experiences in their country of origin obstructs to talk (public) about their sexual orientation. Once in the Netherlands, they are selected and lodged by the COA (Central Agency for Asylum Seekers) based on their nationality. This puts them in touch with the same people, facing discrimination and harassment again that they just fled. Virtually all LGBT asylum seekers arrive for a second time in the closet. Especially in the Netherlands would be the restriction of freedom should not be necessary. It involves several dozen LGBT asylum seekers that come under oppression in the North of the Netherlands. 


Many of these refugees are also suffering in the camps problems again because of their sexuality and they are in urgent need of proper guidance and social support. We defend the rights of the LGBT asylum seekers, get them out of their isolation and guide them in the asylum process; we train them to be open just for this procedure about their sexual orientation. Something that's contrary to their instincts to survive. 


Through a comprehensive LGBT network, we get very direct and fast in contact with the asylum seeker who has just been in the Netherlands. We bring them in a safe way in contact with each other. We also take the initiative to create emergency shelters, scheduling these issues on the political agenda and make contacts with regional- and local authorities and COA's. 


LGBT Asylum Support works exclusively with volunteers. We are urgently looking for people with a good heart, an open mind and bonding or experience with the LGBT work field. Because the men are in the majority, we can use additional volunteers to support lesbians and transgenders. You can make a major contribution:

• by organizing or facilitating meetings 

• providing information in various fields 

• as buddy 

Its required to speak English. Other foreign languages, in particular the language of one of the crisis areas, is a major advantage. Other contributions: Refugees often have no money. They need warm clothes for the approaching winter. A thorough cleanup of your wardrobe quickly means a lot for an asylum seeker. We also urgently need shelter facilities. This for urgent care to LGBT-people when threats and intimidation in the COA's escalate. In general, refugees flee from areas with extreme violence, discrimination or sexual harassment. LGBT Asylum Support works within the Dutch legal system and demand as a condition to abstain on our social media and at meetings of political ideologies and religious beliefs. Naturally, we respect the diversity of cultural backgrounds. 

-Stop injustice and violence -  "An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind" - Mohandas Gandhi