Meaningful initiatives that can use your help

Happy Caravan

A happy place for children

Alaeddin Janid


A home to stay in, while waiting for a home

Robert Zaal

Sounds of Change

The power of music

Lucas Dols


Connecting through sports

Jan van Hövell


Laptops for learning

Rudayna Abdo

Stichting Home Empowerment (SHE)

A safe home for everyone

Rafia Aallouch


A home in Utrecht

Joset van der Hoeven

In My Back Yard (IMBY)

Get out of your bubble!

Anya Conkic

Forward Incubator

Building businesses

Diederick van der Wijk

Welcome App

Meet the locals

Julius Weise

Lots of Lesvos

The tastiest way to contribute!

Aranka van der Pol


Matching talent and traineeships

Annemiek Dresen

Home for All

Not just a restaurant

Nikos and Katerina


From numbers to people

Because We Carry

Be the change you wish to see

The island of all together

Meetings at the Greek coast

Marieke van der Velde

New Dutch Connections

Always look on the Bright side of life


A place to get together

Family on a Mission

United we stand

Lisa Elsenburg

Team Humanity

Hands on help

Salam Aldeen


ICT for good

Child Houses

A little star in the dark

Alaeddin Janid

Human Aid Now

More than material relief

Refugee Start Force

Empowering newcomers to join the labour market

Connect by Music

Music unites, opens the heart and heals the soul

Adriaan Kok


Taking a shower in a safe space

Movement on the Ground

A new approach to humanitarian aid

Open Embassy

Supporting integration

Borderless NGO

Supporting refugees and the communities they live in

Het Tussenspel

Visual therapy for children in asylum seekers centres

Rosalinde Willemse


Empowering companies with diverse talent

The Present


Stichting Noodopvang Dakloze Vreemdelingen Utrecht

Refugee Company

Your first welcome in The Netherlands

Ithaka Acadamie

The academy for meaningful work

Portraits for Lesvos

Shoot for good

Spark NGO

Stimulating entrepreneurship in conflict areas

Stichting Mano

Empowering Rotterdammers

Christian Refugee Relief


World class talent

Stichting Civic

Reshaping our integration system

Homebass Foundation

House for the Unhoused


Mijn Buuf

Atelier voor Wereldvrouwen


Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland

Warm Welkom

Welcoming newcomers in Amsterdam-Noord

Voice of All Women

Leave no woman behind

Krimpenerwaard Intercultureel

Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

DUO for a JOB

Het Wereldhuis

Meeting place for the undocumented

De Vrolijkheid

Making art in asylum seeker centers in the Netherlands


Poetry and art

Samen Hier

Samen Hier wants to change the way in which refugees come to the Netherlands and the way in which we receive refugees.

IMC Weekendschool

We make the future

Amsterdam Verbindt

Koken in een andere keuken

Makers Unite

De Regenboog Groep

Supporting people in need in Amsterdam

Subul Outsourcing

Social Impact Outsourcing Agency, with a mission to empower the underprivileged


For newcomers in Den Haag

Stichting Door

Creative development for rejected asylum seekers

ASAS Bijles

Online tutoring for newcomer children

Not Just A Refugee

Humanitarian aid for refugees in and around Athens

Internationale Schakelklas (ISK) Naarden

Netwerk Nieuwkomers Amsterdam

A network of organisations working with and for newcomers in Amsterdam

People For People

Supporting people with a refugee background in The Netherlands

Better Time Stories

Gift books to Ukranian refugee children

Iris Hond Foundation

Using the healing power of music for people who have trouble connecting with society

Stichting MoralCompassNL

Supporting the local population of South-Marocco in their socio-economic position

LGBT Asylum Support

LGBT Asylum support contributes to the wellbeing of new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender asylum seekers

Plant A Friend

Combatting loneliness among young people


Helps newcomers find a suitable job

HealthNet TPO

We build stronger communities which are healthier, more resilient and have the physical and mental capacity to recover from conflict and disaster

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