Jeske Eekelaar

Meetup coordinator & project manager

'Bringing people (closer) together, that's what makes me warm. As a graduated Leisure Manager, this started with bringing people together at events. For me nowadays this embraces society as a whole and I use my organizational talent for a more beautiful, inclusive society. The first years after my studies I worked on sustainability projects for various event and festival organizations. What came first in all projects was the inspiration of the thousands of visitors every year, through campaigns, actions on the event site and many volunteers who worked on these projects. This started a movement that is bigger than the world of events. For the past 2 years I have been able to empower this movement at the 10,000 HOURS foundation by inspiring festival communities to use their communion and talents for society. In the projects I have collaborated on in recent years, but also in my travels to Colombia, where my boyfriend comes from, the refugee problem has not escaped me. This is very dear to me. For this reason, I am committed to The Present and I support the organization of the monthly meet-ups.' 

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