Martine Graven


Martine joined our core team for most of 2020. She started out as a personal assistant but grew into our office manager, database expert and was in charge of matching initiatives and entrepreneurs. With her straightforward and disciplined approach we have been able to move forward more efficiently and faster.

After having worked at FunX, A MillionFaces Agency, Universal Pictures Benelux and Xite it was time for something else. We already realised that with her experience as office manager, marketing assistance, agency editor and talent agent Martine would be a great addition to the team, and she definitely was! Martine was already working with Family on a Mission at the time so it was an easy match.

Martine has since continued her professional journey at Jinc, a wonderful organization. But of course, once a Present Mover, always a Present Mover - Martine is still very involved in all our projects!

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