Iris Bos

Present Mover

Iris is currently completing her MA in Postcolonial Studies in London, addressing the modern-day (global) power structures, societal inequalities and incomplete histories as heritage from (European) imperialism and colonialism. Realities such as involuntary displacement, seeking refuge and the subsequent hostile environments and atrocities that migrants, refugees and newcomers face are stories resulting from the (untold) colonial history and its aftermath. Next to the practical and brilliant initiatives supporting refugee sand newcomers, a societal mind-shift and disentanglement of unconscious (racial) biases and injustices proves to be necessary. Iris feels very passionately about contributing to this awareness.   

'Being part of The Present Meet Ups feels like a true honour every time when being introduced to one of the initiatives and being able to learn from as well as contribute to the journey of such skilled people! It's amazing to see how bringing people's networks and minds together for such a short time can create wonderful things.'

Thank you for supporting us Iris! 

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