Posted on 8 May 2023, for HiWork

Experienced project leader (flexible)

HiWork is a recruitment platform for newcomers (refugees). The working method is characterized by starting from the wishes of the newcomers and communicating with them in an equal manner. We absolutely do not want to be the Westerner who explains how everything works in the Netherlands.


HiWork's mission is to give the newcomer the initiative (back) in his/her life. This can be optimally done from financial independence. You do need suitable work. And HiWork assists in that.


We are currently working in the Haarlem region, but the wish is to expand to other regions in the near future.


We also want to develop an online platform. Here the newcomers can sign up, find information videos, join a community where they can help each other and where they can ask us questions. But we also offer these services for employers. After all, according to HiWork, integration works both ways.


What are you going to do?

HiWork is looking for someone who can help create a development plan for this online platform. Ultimately, we want to apply for funding to build this platform.


If we get the funds, there is the possibility to play a paid role in the actual realization of the platform.


HiWork is looking for someone who:

  • Supports our mission;
  • Has experience in making such plans (including their costs);
  • Has experience with Salesforce (is an advantage);
  • Is willing to make the plan together on a voluntary basis;
  • Has the time and inclination to stay involved with HiWork longer.

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