Posted on 24 August 2020, for ShowerPower

(Shower)Power to the people

ShowerPower wants to give people on the run a sense of dignity, by offering them a safe space and simply the chance to take a shower. 

ShowerPower was forced to stop their activities in March 2020 because of the violence against volunteers and refugees and later COVID-19. But they are not giving up on their mission! 

They support other NGO's financially, and are still growing their community. They are now ready to take on the issue at the root cause: by challenging the national and international authorities. 

That is why ShowerPower has decided to form a coalition of jurists, strategists, spin doctors, campaigners and other experts to take on the Greek coastal watch, Frontex, the Greek government, the European Union and her member states - to remind them of their responsibility and humanity.

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