Posted on 18 November 2020, for KLABU

Used smartphones or tablets for refugee camps

KLABU sets up sports facilities in refugee camps. But not just any sport facilities; real club houses where people can rent materials, including the KLABU uniforms. 

They are going to introduce the use of NFC wristbands, with which people can rent materials directly, and which will increase the sense of community and responsibility. Everyone who becomes a member of the club will receive such a wristband. 

To coordinate the wristbands, they are looking for smartphones and tablets. You can check out here which the types of smartphones and tablets that are suitable. 

They need:

- 4 smartphones per clubhouse, starting in Kalobeyei (Kenia). They are currently working on two more clubhouses in Africa and Asia. The more phones, the better!

- 2 tablets per clubhouse.

You can either send the phones and tablets to this address:

1012DZ Amsterdam

Or even better, drop them at the KLABU store at Haarlemmerdijk 106, Amsterdam. (Open daily, from December 1st)

See you at the KLABU!

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