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Donate your network!

Newbees matches newcomers to traineeships & work.

Currently they have a couple of great NewBees newbees ready to get started! Do you have a big network that can potentially connect one of these NewBees to work?

Have a look!

1. This 27-year-old Pakistani candidate has a master's degree in Psychology and Compter Science. She speaks excellent English and B1 level Dutch, and would like to fulfill a paid position in the administrative sector, both back-office and front-office. This motivated, smart lady is an asset to any team! She is available 5 days a week.

2. This 27-year-old Eritrean candidate would like an internship as a car mechanic. He already has previous experience with this, and wants to continue this passion in the form of an internship. This motivated young man would like to improve his Dutch and get to know more people. He is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

3. This 28-year-old Syrian is looking for a paid position in the administrative sector. In Syria he obtained his Bachelor of Law. In the Netherlands he has now gained a lot of work experience: he was an intern as a recruiter at Randstad and as an administrative assistant at the University of Amsterdam. His colleagues and friends describe him as an enthusiastic team player who does not shy away from a challenge. His Dutch and English language level is B2. He is available 5 days a week.

4. This 36-year-old candidate from Turkey is looking for an internship in Network Engineering. He has 5 years of relevant work experience and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. His English is excellent but he would like to imrpove his Dutch. He is available 5 days a week.

Would you like to hear more about one of these promising employees? Or do you have a company in mind? Let us know and sign up for this project!

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