Posted on 11 January 2021, for Portraits for Lesvos

Entrepreneurs X Portraits for Lesvos

Portraits for Lesvos is a project by Michiel Stock, award-winning photographer and Present Mover. He offers a creative photoshoot for 100 EUR, of which 50% is donated to Stichting Bootvluchteling en The Present.

Portraits for Lesvos is Michiel's own initiative to combine entrepreneurship with doing good. He was inspired by photographer and refugee Yousif Alshewaili, whose story and courage made him unable to look away and led him to find a way to contribute. 

Michiel was looking for someone to create social media content for this project, and to focus on the communication overall. Luckily Anne Pailhes had recently joined The Present, and offered to volunteer! Additionally, Carlijn Pluijmakers Emmen also offered the services of her REDUCATIONS agency for content creation. A perfect triangle!

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