Posted on 12 January 2021, for Sounds of Change

Office space wanted!

Sounds of Change is looking for an office space! 

Sounds of Change uses the power of music to train strong community builders, for those living in difficult circumstances such as conflict areas or refugee camps in the Middle East.

'The Sounds of Change trainers discovered that creative music making can have a transformative effect on traumatised and socially-isolated people. The creative processes of improvising, composing and playing music with others sparks energy and establishes a sense of belonging; the feeling of being (re)connected with both individuals and as part of a community.'

Their headquarters are currently situated at the ADAM-tower, but they don't have enough space there to perform their online trainings. Due to COVID-19,  Sounds of Change focusses on online training sessions in 2021, as traveling and working in refugee camps is restricted.

They are therefore looking for office and training space for two people, ideally around 20m2. They need some space to store a couple of instruments, and for a camera setup for their online training sessions. They would need the office space for about 3 days a week, preferably for 6+ months.

In return, Sounds of Change would be happy to share some musical wisdom with you and offer one of their leadership trainings to your team, or perhaps join in on creative brainstorms. They have a limited budget as well, if that is necessary (max €300 p/m).

Are you Sounds of Change's new landlord?

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