Posted on 14 January 2021, for Portraits for Lesvos

Drukbedrijf X Portraits for Lesvos

Onthe 30th of January 24Lesbos organised a 24-hour long sponsor run in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The goal was to raise EUR 10.000,- to build a KLABU clubhouse for the refugees at Lesbos.

Portraits for Lesvos  was also part of this campaign - if you donated 200 euros or more, you received a portrait by Michiel on the day itself. Moreover, Michiel decided he would like to exhibit ten photo's by Yousif Alshewaili, a talented photographer from Iraq who has been photographing the refugees on Lesvos, as part of the event. 

We were therefore looking for a print company who would be willing to facilitate and sponsor the prints of the photos. Rutger Diemel from Drukbedrijf stepped up and offered the services of his company - amazing!!

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