Posted on 26 January 2021, for Stichting Mano

Stichting Mano is looking for a careers consultant

Mano stimulates people in Rotterdam to participate in and be a part of society. They offer programs and activities for children and youngsters from vulnerable environments, statusholders and newcomers, isolated elderly people and others. They help with language development, practical skills, talent development and offer stepping stones to education and work. Participants are encouraged to take the lead and become active citizens.

Mano is currently looking for a careers consultant with knowledge of job and education trajectories (MBO to university level) who would like to think along with younger newcomers. The project concerns a couple of statusholders who have been in the Netherlands for a couple of years, have a paid job and have established a basis for their life in the Netherlands. Their jobs, however, are often flexcontracts without any promise of continuation or promotion, and rarely fit their educational background and expertise.

Mano is therefore looking for a sparring partner who can help them to increase their chances inthe labour market, to find a job that suits their talents and set a plan of concrete steps to reach that goal. This can be done either via online coaching sessions, or ideally during a couple of 1-on-1 walks along the Kralingse Plas, for example!

If you have some time to spare and would like to share your knowledge, sign up for this project!

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