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Marketing Expert for Pocket Stories

PocketStories connects people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and celebrate diversity, while re-framing a more inclusive narrative about migration through workshops, events and book/video productions.

'Our foundation began by collecting stories of people with very diverse migration background both online and offline in 2014 . We put international students, adoptees, refugees, expats and travellers side by side to share stories whichuncovered stories of identity, belonging, family, home, integration, business and social entrepreneurship. These stories showed how we are all connected through migration. Increasing number of people wanted to share their stories, but questioned whether they had a story worth telling or needed help to structure their story. As a response we developed Storytelling Journey, a storytelling workshop which allows participants to re-discover their personal journey individually and in groups. Throughout the years we have designed and implemented multiple international collaboration projects that embrace our values and goals. We believe exchange or knowledge and experiences across borders and disciplines is the only way to create a more inclusive future.

Today, we are working mainly working on Roots Guide, a guidebook which brings our collective experience and expertise into a novel interactive travel guidebook which will re-frame current narrative about migration to a more holistic and inclusive narrative. Roots Guide is supported, amongst others, by National Geographic Society and is due to be published this spring/summer.

Roots Guide is for everyone who lives in the Netherlands and is curious to explore themselves and their place in this country in a new way. Through in-depth and personal stories, reflection questions, and multi-sensory activities specially designed for its readers, Roots Guide opens us up to different ways of seeing and being in our Netherlands.

RootsGuide is interested in finding a marketing expert to support the launch of the Roots Guide in the first half of 2021. Our current team consists of mainly volunteers, thus any additional help of even more professionals who can dedicate their time to the project would be very beneficial for Roots Guide to bring the book on the market.

We are looking for a marketing expert with 5+ years of experience in online marketing. Especially someone with extensive experience in Search Engine Advertisement or Crowdfunding campaigns would be appreciated. Any additional marketing experience would be of help as well. We are open to marketing experience in any sector, but as we focus on the tourism industry and book market, expertise in this field would be of added value. The person should be able to read, write and speak Dutch on a professional level. The project mainly focuses on the launch of the book in the first half of 2021, but more projects are likely to follow in the future. Roots Guide is ideally looking for either one professional who can dedicate about 10 hours per week or two professionals with 5 hours per week each.'

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