Posted on 3 February 2021, for

Design for good!

'Visibility is key to invoking change. In a collaborative effort we wish to confront fellow citizens and politicians with the outcome of the failing European migration policy. We need change!' 

On the 14th of February, Now You See Me Moria calls on everyone to spread a message about the situation of people in camp Moria. In their gallery you can download posters by various designers, based on a picture made by people in the camp. Join the campaign by printing the poster and putting it up behind your window on the 14th! And if you're feeling creative - why not add your own design too?

‘Let’s make sure none of us can look away anymore by making the stories of refugees more visible. And do it ourselves. This is an invitation to European designers to create posters based on the pictures taken by people in the camp. And a call to us all to put them up wherever we can across the 27 countries of the European Union. Starting with the windows of our homes.’

Join other entrepeneurs and tackle complex problems together

Join us to work together with other entrepeneurs to help support initiatives for refugees and newcomers