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The Present X Homebass X Sheltersuit

In February, founder of The Present Marnix Geus posted a call to action on his Linkedin page. The idea: raise money for Paul, a man who has been without a home for several years, to make sure he didn't have to sleep outside during the snowy days.

But we didn't expect this project to blow up the wayit did: within 48 hours we had over 300.000 views and raised about 30.000 euros in donations. WOW!

Since this project became bigger than Paul alone, wehave decided to partner up with Homebass Foundation, Sheltersuit Foundation, De Regenbooggroep and Kimpton de Witt. The theme is a slight sidestep for ThePresent, but as homelessness and the situation of refugees are closely intertwined, this feels only natural to us. We are excited to put a lot of energy into this project!

Keep an eye on this page for updates.

1. Over 10.000 euros have gone to Paul and his personal needs. He is currently supported by Rokus Loopik, who is setting up an extended team of professionals. 

2. Part of the donations have gone towards a joint project between Homebass Foundation and De Regenbooggroep: Pimp My Night. Together they will upgrade existing shelter locations to make them feel more like a home. Key people: Stefan Beek, Robert-Jan Glas & Kathleen Denkers.

3. Another part of the donations have gone towards the development and distribution of 'Shelterbags'; the summer version of the Sheltersuit. Key people: Paul Zurink, Bas Timmer & Youp Meek.

4. Together with Kimpton de Witt we are setting up'Kimpton Kindness', a project where Kimpton Hotels will offer structural support to the homeless. Key people: Eline Zweegers-Anninl & Jos van Hunen.

5. KRO NCRV will dedicate one of their episodes of Kruispunt to this project - be sure to tune in on the 15th of March!

You can support this project via our donation page.

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