Posted on 3 March 2021, for Christian Refugee Relief

Items needed for refugees on Samos

With their aid transports and volunteers, Christian Refugee Relief provide practical assistance to refugees on Lesvos, Samos, Chios and the Greek mainland, by providing helping hands in the relief camps & setting up and arranging carefully composed relief transports.

Currently they are looking for items for their next transport to Lesvos, which is planned on March 13.

Needed items are:

  • Caps (petten)  1500 x  (80% adult/20% kids)
  • Mouthmasks  as much as possible
  • Suncream  2500 x
  • Mosquito repellent  2500 x
  • Baby bibs (slabbetjes) en muslins (omslagdoeken)  250 each
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, cleaning cloths, dishcloths, disinfectant cleaning products etc) 
  • Pregnancy clothes  1 pallet
  • Baby beds  10 x
  • Baby carriers  25 x

Can you or your company provide (some of) these items?

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