Posted on 8 March 2021, for Mijn Buuf

Designer wanted for book project!

Mijn Buuf is a studio that focuses on socially isolated (migrant) women. There are many reasons why women do not acitively participate in society; they don't speak the language sufficiently, they need to take care of the family, they have a lack of family/friends/acquaintances in their surroundings, they have a different cultural background and they sometimes suffer from domestic violence or have financial problems. However, these women are educating a new generation of Dutch citizens, while most of them hardly know how the Netherlands "works". Our experience is that many of these women, precisely because they have a history of abuse, domestic violence, or war, are tremendous go-getters. Their loyalty and commitment is enormous. And they compensate for the lack of training with other talents. They need an environment where their talents are seen and stimulated in order to become visible in society. This makes us extra driven to support this almost invisible group!

Together we produce circular products. This is not a goal at Mijn Buuf, but a means to empower women, because we believe that self-reliance is the basis for self-direction, self-development and emancipation. In addition to activation, we focus on personal development and language development. We want to show our women that self-reliance is important, so that they are intrinsically motivated to look for work or, based on this intrinsic motivation, participate in suitable (voluntary) work or in another group activity. We want to make them visible to society, so that they get the opportunities they and their children deserve. 

To give this group a face, but also to emphasize their value to society, we want to publish their stories in the form of a book. This book will also talk about the role of society in their story. It will motivate people to not just point to and wait for the government to do something, but above all to be that helping neighbor. My Buuf's working method must be the connecting factor in this.

With the book we want to show the usefulness of investing in this group by both politics and society.

To create this book we are looking for a designer who would like to concentrate on the design for the book.

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