Posted on 11 March 2021, for Stichting Mano

Entrepreneurs X Stichting MANO

Stichting Mano stimulates people in Rotterdam to participate in and be a part of society. They offer programs and activities for children and youngsters from vulnerable environments, statusholders and newcomers, isolated elderly people and others. They help with language development, practical skills, talent development and offer stepping stones to education and work. Participants are encouraged to take the lead and become active citizens. 

For their upcoming program they were looking for entrepreneurs who enjoy supporting others in their entrepreneurial career. They were looking for:

1) Coaches and mentors who can help out by working through the course together with the mentees, advise them on strategy, and think with the mentees about their plans.

2) Experts who can join in for specific required skills or knowledge, for example about marketing, social media, bringing in a network, estimate costs and so on.

Luckily, various entrepreneurs were happy to join this project. Jan Henk Bouman, Noël Peskens and Pieter Spinder all signed up!

Join other entrepeneurs and tackle complex problems together

Join us to work together with other entrepeneurs to help support initiatives for refugees and newcomers