Posted on 6 April 2021, for Warm Welkom

Customer Database Expert wanted!

Foundation Warm Welcome (Stichting Warm Welkom) connects newcomers with local citizens and organisations in Amsterdam-Noord, The Netherlands.

They aim to, as the name suggests, give a warm welcome to newcomers, to help them integrate and facilitate a smoother landing in a new place where they feel welcome.

Their activities are focused on getting newcomers into contact with other newcomers, locals and organisations in an informal and friendly way. They organise programs where people can begin to integrate in their new country, find their way around in Amsterdam-Noord, get familiar with new administrative procedures, make friends, understand the culture and be happier. To help them build a new life.

They are currently looking for a customer database expert. At the moment, every time they organise a new activity or campaign Warm Welkom loses valuable time collecting customer data from many different sources. Therefore, they are looking for someone to set up an efficient process for collecting and managing customer data.

Are you an Excel/Airtable/Salesforce/Pipedrive/Mailchimp - or other - magician? Sign up for this project!

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