Posted on 12 April 2021, for Voice of All Women

Looking for board members

Voice of All Women is a grassroots organisation that is committed to women’s rights and that seeks to enhance the resilience, autonomy, and agency of women from marginalised communities. The foundation believes that the agency of women from marginalised communities is of crucial importance for their autonomy. Through projects pertaining to themes such as cultural harmful practices, sexual violence, and cultural integration, VOAW seeks to increase the visibility of marginalised women and to give them a voice. VOAW sees women from marginalized communities as potential actors of change, with their own voice, and that are capable of positively contributing to the public domain. 

They are looking for two women to fill the positions of chairwoman and secretary. VOAW is professionalizing, and accordingly is looking for a skilled and experienced board. 

The position as board member will take up about 3 to 4 hours per week (in the beginning). Ideally, you can commit to this position for two years. And most importantly, you support VOAW's mission!

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