Posted on 12 May 2021, for Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

Looking for a social media manager!

The Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

 has been working for 20 years in Afghanistan, setting up a 'Social Circus' in several locations throughout the country. This social circus provides children who grow up in war zones with an opportunity to heal trauma’s, receive education, be empowered and build strong social connections. Most of all it provides laughter; an essential remedy against war. 

They are currenlty looking for a social media manager. MMCC has recently been working on their website and started an Instagram account, which they want to use to share their mission. They have are a very small team of 3 members, and most of their time is consumed by fundraising, networking, working out project plans and often other jobs to tend to.  They have a lot of information and content coming from Afghanistan and need help in presenting that in an organized and appealing manner to raise awareness about their cause.

They are looking for somebody who has experience with social media planning, strategy and visual lay-outs. Firstly you will coordinate the content together with the founder of the foundation, but ultimately you will be able to create and plan posts yourself. This would take a few hours per month, and the idea is to stay on board for the long term to get to know the team and organisation. 

Ideally you have knowledge of or affinity with Afghanistan and the kind of field we work in, but MMCC is happy to work with anybody who is enthusiastic about their work! They have a lot of great content such as beautiful photo series about the country itself, little clips from their work with the children and documentaries that could be cut into short clips. During travels to the country it would be great to share material of the journey on their social channels.

MMCC needs someone to help them share all this content in an organized, consistent and visually attractive way - and of course, attract as wide an audience as possible.

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