Posted on 10 June 2021, for Het Wereldhuis

Looking for a host(ess)/location manager

The Wereldhuis is a meeting place for undocumented migrants in The Hague. Undocumented migrants are migrants without a valid residence permit. They can come to Wereldhuis for support and advice. 

Migration has many faces. The Wereldhuis welcomes people who all have their own stories and background. It may be, for example, a story of human trafficking, labor migration, or refugees of war or victims of violence. The World House helps these people to give information on their rights.

They are currently looking for hosts and hostesses for their location in The Hague, for at least one part of the day per week. Your main tasks include: receiving clients, noting their needs/questions and additional administrative tasks. 

Time slots:
Monday 9:30-15:00
Thursday 9:30-15:00
Friday 10:00-12:00

Would you like to help undocumented people in a very personal and hands on manner? Sign up for this project!

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