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Give me 5!

A period of three months is considered the crucial amount of time for a homeless person to get enough rest and peace of mind to make a headstart with getting their life back on track.

That is why we have partnered up with Kimpton de Witt hotels (Lore Group) and De Regenbooggroep. In this partnership, hotels open up 5 hotel rooms for homeless people to give them the chance to get some rest and find a job, without the stress of having to find a place to sleep.

Wilfred, for example, is one of these people. After his time at the hotel he has found a job and reconnected with his family. You can watch a short documentary about Wilfred and his time at the hotel here.

At the moment, more hotels have joined this project: The Holiday Inn ExpressPestana Amsterdam Riverside and Crowne Plaza. But we are looking for more! Are you ready to open up your rooms and #giveme5?

Sign up for this project or get in touch with us via! Of course, if you don't have a hotel but a great idea for this project we'd love to hear from you too.

A big thank you to the key people in this project: Eline Zweegers-AnninkJos van HunenKathleen DenkersMarielle van GorpSophie JanssenDaphne BeersPascal StraussMonique Keeris & Gladys Camphuijsen.

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