Posted on 29 June 2021, for De Vrolijkheid

De Vrolijkheid is looking for a Board member

De Vrolijkheid is a network of professional artists, administrators, volunteers, children, young people and parents, who together realize more than 100 art projects at 25 asylum seekers' centers every week.

Dance, theatre, music, new media and visual arts are the instruments for shaping stories. Cheerful spaces provide the inspiration to discover and develop your own talents.

For two of their board members, Funda Müjde and treasurer Tom Schram, the end of their board term is approaching. That is why De Vrolijkheid is looking for two new, experienced board members. One has a big network in the arts, the other is experienced in finances. The seven-member board meets four times a year in Amsterdam and is available in between if necessary.

Do you have Board experience and are you interested? Do you want to know more? Get in touch!

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