Posted on 29 June 2021, for BOOST

Program manager (paid opportunity)

BOOST is a dynamic meeting place in Amsterdam where people with and without a flight background work together on integration and perspective. Every week, a few hundred people participate in a varied program that is based on three pillars: language, meeting and development. All participants, 100+ volunteers and team make BOOST a unique facility in the city.

As a program manager (32 hours a week) you are responsible for the development and coordination of the program; in which language, connection, perspective, equality and inclusiveness are central. As a member of the core team, you are one of the driving forces behind BOOST, you contribute ideas about vision and strategy, and you help determine the further development of the organization.

In the program you work closely with a large group of volunteers, who also shape and implement the activities at BOOST themselves. You maintain low-threshold contact with the participants, and you build a solid network of external partners in the programming.

You monitor the program and seek connections with other programs for the perspective of newcomers. In the core team, you take collective responsibility for BOOST's policy, strategy and course.

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