Posted on 20 July 2021, for The Present

Looking for a volunteer in The Hague!

Twice a year, we organise a Present meetup in the city of justice & peace; The Hague! We invite a social initiative on stage, who tells us all about their inspiring mission, and then we get to work. A room full of entrepreneurial people will brainstorm on a bottleneck question asked by the initiative, and just like that; we are supporting a non-profit in just 2 hours time! These events are always on special locations, with a wonderful group of people who want to do good. 

To organize these events, our team in The Hague comes together  once a week for about an hour for six weeks prior to the event; to plan the meetup and make sure that everything is taken care of.

This lovely team is currently looking for an extra person who'd like to make these events happen!

Are you good at organizing things, do you have a network in The Hague, and would you like to use your skills for good? 
Get in touch and join us!

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