Posted on 25 August 2021, for Human Aid Now

Human Aid Now x Ilaria

Founded in 2016 , Human Aid Now (HAN) delivers primary needs –food, clothing, shelter, safety, healthcare and information – to refugee and undocumented migrants where it is most needed in Europe. HAN works through two channels, direct aid (such as providing food support in Amsterdam) and by training, growing and facilitating fellow humanitarians in key positions of humanitarian projects through our Help a Hero program. The Help a Hero program is there to ensure continuity in humanitarian projects where, on average, volunteers only stay an average of two weeks. The volunteers we work with have been on-site over six months, and are able to effectively use all the shot-term volunteers coming to the borders of Europe.

The Hero Academy is HAN’s reaction to the demands of both our key volunteers in the Help a Hero program and the donors of the program to institutionalize and professionalize our services. Currently, we are providing tailor-made trainings and support to each key volunteers. The goal of the Hero Academy is to structure some of this support, and to share knowledge, information and contacts more broadly and effectively. The information sharing platform of the Hero Academy will be the focus for this position.

Human Aid Now was looking for an ambitious young professional or student with proven content writing skills and an affinity for humanitarian impact to join our mission to realize the Hero Academy. Thankfully, the wonderful Ilaria signed up and is now happily fulfilling this role!

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