Posted on 31 August 2021, for Refugee Company

Electrician wanted for Refugee Company

The best way to integrate is through working. Refugee Company raises funds to offer work-learn programmes to people with refugee backgrounds. As a result of these programmes, people become more active, gain experience and build a network. Language lessons, basic civic integration, personal development and well-being are all part of the programmes. They are always looking for organizations who want to welcome one of our people.

Currently Refugee Company is specifically looking for a job for a participants of their program: Eyad, with experience as a plasterer and laminatelayer, is looking for a fulltime job where he can use his hands. Preferably he wants to become an electrician, but he needs training for that. Who wants to educate him to become an electrician? Also Almere (or surroundings) would bemost helpful. 

Furthermore they’re looking for jobs in logistics, hospitality industry (kitchen, housekeeping) and (simple) technology in (the surroundings of) Amsterdam and Arnhem.

Do you have the network to make this work? Get in touch!

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