Posted on 14 September 2021, for SNDVU

Televisions needed for SNDVU

The Stichting Noodopvang Dakloze Vreemdelingen Utrecht (SNDVU) is an aid organization that offers bed, bath, bread and social-legal guidance to rejected asylum seekers.

Return to the country of origin is complex and not always possible for various reasons, as a result of which many rejected asylum seekers end up on the street. They are literally empty-handed and cannot and may not do anything. We find it unacceptable to let this vulnerable group of people roam the streets. That is why we take care of these people and work on a sustainable solution for this problem.

Spread over 21 houses, we receive about a hundred people who have been told that they are no longer allowed to stay in the Netherlands, but have not returned to their country of origin for various reasons.

We are currently looking for 7 televisions, for these houses. Can you or your company donate (a) television(s)? Get in touch!

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