Posted on 7 December 2021, for De Regenboog Groep

(Old) smartphones needed for homeless people

The care providers of De Regenboog groep notice that many homeless people and other vulnerable Amsterdammers do not have a smartphone or other telephone. While accessibility is extremely important to be able to get help and participate in society. You can help tackle this problem.

Hand in a really good working smartphone

Smartphones are quickly becoming obsolete. The very latest software and apps, needed to control your life, don't run on older phones. But a homeless person doesn't just buy such a new phone. Do you have one lying around that really works well? Then bring it with charger to one of our locations (delivery addresses at the bottom of this page). De Regenboog Groep will empty your phone and reset it to factory settings. If by accident there are still old data on it, no one will see it!


The people for whom it is (for a while) most difficult to participate in society are most in demand in the digital field. At the same time, they have the least access to technology.

Finding and keeping work, corona QR, DigiD, appointments, ...

Think of government agencies such as the Work and Income Department, the UWV and the Tax and Customs Administration. And to your health insurer. Everywhere you have to log in with your DidiD. But without a phone, you can't receive a verification code. Also consider finding a job and a home. We live in a digital world of responding online, uploading a resume, downloading a form, e-mailing an answer, showing a QR code, looking up information online, making an appointment online, signing online and everything online actually… This means that a smartphone is no longer a luxury, it is a basic need. Especially if you have to arrange all kinds of things in order to get back on track in life.

Many homeless people also want to work as meal deliverers. Then they need a phone that supports the app on which the orders come in.

So get in touch if you want to give your old smartphone(s) to this great cause!

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