Posted on 6 September 2022, for People For People

Clothing & food donations needed (urgent!)

People For People is a collective of entrepreneurs who strive to support people of all nationalities who seek safety and asylum in the Netherlands by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions.

On Friday the 26th of August they drove to Ter Apel to bring 1500 blankets and 1500 hygiene kits that we collected with volunteers (see slide 12). We want to continue to bring support. 

Therefore People for People will create a  Rolling Aid Convoy  with vehicles (food trucks & vans) filled with basic articles and food that the residents need most
(see slide 5).

The Convoy will visit different asylum seekers' centers and emergency shelter locations to support the residents directly. This will be done in collaboration with the local authorities like Vluchtelingenwerk, Red Cross and many others. 

Now People For People is looking for donations for the asylum seeker center. Needed items are:

- clothing

- shoes

- shower towels

- suitcases

- bags

- fruits

- women's sportswear

- children's bicycles

(specific amounts can be given when you contact us)

Have you got connections with companies who might be able to donate (one of) these items?

Get in touch!

These items will be brought to the location on Friday September  9. 

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