Posted on 5 October 2022, for Better Time Stories

Graphic designer needed!

The war in Ukraine is causing a large flow of refugees to European countries. A quarter of all Ukrainian children, about 1.8 million, have already fled the country. But many children are also displaced in Ukraine.

For a child, this is an extreme experience. The family is broken up. They miss their father, mother or relatives who have stayed behind in Ukraine. Precious possessions such as toys and books were also not included, and everything in the new host country feels different.

How can we warmly welcome and help the children?

Better Time Stories was set up with this question in mind. The non-profit initiative offers children aged 3 to 7 a free welcome gift of five bilingual picture books on themes such as comfort, love and optimism. Through a unique app, family members left behind can record five specially selected stories, so the children hear a familiar and cherished voice as they read. The aim is to make the children feel like one family again, to welcome them and introduce them to a new language through accompanied audiobooks.

Together with partners we worked on the brand and visual identity. Now the campaign has launched. Better Time Stories looking for Graphic designer to work further on aligning the branding for social channels, improve digital assets on the website and further support on creation of new asserts.

Sounds like the perfect role for you?

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